German-Polish-Network "Oder-Partnership"


"Borders separate - the Oder connects” is the slogan of the German-Polish network or the Oder-Partnership.

The cooperation of the German-Polish informal interregional network began in April 2006 between four East German Federal States (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony) and four West Polish Voivodeships (West Pomerania, Lower Silesia, Lubusz and Greater Poland).

The main aim of this cross-border network is the development of an efficient regional alliance to enhance the economic performance of the regions along the German -Polish border. Therefore the network cooperation focuses on the following sectors: economy, tourism, transport and infrastructure and science and research.


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  • In relative terms, the most significant motorway expansion between 2005 and 2014 took place in the Romanian region of Sud-Est.

  • Considering the same period, the largest absolute changes are located in Spain (Castilla-la-mancha +617 km).

  • Dense motorway networks can be found around capitals: Amsterdam (Noord- Holland: 111 km/1000 km2), Wien (109 km/1000 km2), Madrid (98 km/1000 km2), Berlin (86 km/1000 km2), and Paris (Île-de- France: 51 km/1000 km2).

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