10 May 2017

Corridor-node dialogue in Southern Finland

Results of the corridor-node dialogue in Southern Finland
Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council organized a corridor-node dialogue in Southern Finland within Scandria®2Act project as a series of four regional workshops that were concluded by a final seminar. The outcomes of the corridor-node dialogue are summarized in and a report as the final outcome of the process.

Network of corridors in Southern Finland. Source: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council publication E-183 (2017)

The corridor-node dialogue draws on the scenario that Southern Finland is becoming one functional urban area by 2050. In recent decades urbanization as well as the development of transport systems and services has caused rapid growth changes in functional areas which can be seen, for example, in the expansion of employment areas and long-distance commuting.

Therefore the aim of the dialogue process has been to provide an overview of how the Capital Region – Helsinki-Uusimaa – links with the network of development corridors in Southern Finland. The corridor metaphor is used as a tool in regional development planning with the aim to steer growth to optimal corridor zones. The overall aim is to promote economic growth, social and territorial cohesion and sustainable development at the same time.

The regions of Southern Finland are connected by a network that consists of four significant development corridors. Each corridor starts from the Capital Region and spreads out to West, North- West, North-East or East. In the corridor-node dialogue these development corridors are assessed from the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region’s perspective by three different everyday functionalities: people, companies and the environment.

As a result, each corridor is profiled with its unique strengths:

  • In the Helsinki-Turku corridor (blue), the emphasis is on the sea and related recreational living, tourism and industry.
  • In the Helsinki-Tampere corridor (orange), the focus is on good labour market opportunities, start-up companies and innovation ecosystems.
  • The environment, ground waters and ecobusiness are highlighted in the Helsinki–Lahti-Kouvola corridor (green).
  • And in the Helsinki-Kotka corridor (red), the emphasis is on good connections to Russia and the proximity of the Eastern markets, as well as on the related potential from the point of view of companies and expertise.

The results from the series of regional workshops in Finland will be combined with those of other regional workshops in Germany and Sweden later in 2017.
The joint transnational experience will be reported into a Scandria®2Act policy document.

Contact / Further information:

Malla Paajanen, chief adviser,
Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council,
Mob. +358 50 3667391, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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